Lava Lamp

I recalled a long moment as a teenager
when it was easy to be mesmerized
by the slow dance inside a Lava Lamp

As heat from the bulb turned the wax
liquid inside the oil, it slowly rose effortlessly
until it cooled then gracefully settled down

The glass container enhanced the choreography
with its clear shell of an elongated pear shape
it too peacefully comfortable in its role

Colors of deep yellow and blue drew me in
separated, but never mixing into solid green
Sometimes the wax united with a friend
their joining to be larger, yet still the same

A current, a synchronicity was at play
reminding me of a silent ballet show
that could be watched again and again
Nothing was ever the same within

Even in my youth, I grasped for God’s lesson
waiting for the message to become clear
I somehow knew beyond was where I had to go
sensing I was not quite ready to go there

Now I know the warmed wax
and the precious oil of the lamp
The ebb and flows a glimpse of freedom
from my own self centeredness


Sometimes I am drawn to the easel to mix colors, brush in hand, clueless to what will appear.  I have found when I put the paint on the fresh white canvas there will be a lesson. This time I saw a significant connection to a moment from my past of an entire afternoon I that had been mesmerized by a Lava Lamp.  I had put the memory aside as a brief vignette among many others in my life.  In this case I had an instant of deep insight of the long patient dance with God.  I finally saw the meaning of being freely suspended within the will of God. 

For further reflection: Ephesians 2