Love in an Envelope

The sealed envelope, a container for; dreams
For a peaceful future, better than has been seen
Prayer’ aimed toward the distance of eternity
Humanities expression of heavens believability

A note from a friend that has not drifted away
An invitation to get together to enjoy a play
Sharing fondness built on foundations long ago
To forget growing old or tired, it not a place to go

In here is charity, for souls who need to be found
Reaching outside our limits, we, become unbound
An offer to give our God given talent to neighbor
A wish that what was inside could be even more

Romantic verses, words of intimacy inviting ecstasy
Describing spiritual embraces only love could see
Two tears to be shed, one for the giver, one received
Inner beauty’s tapestry divinity has gracefully weaved

The seal broken, escaping angels, beat their wings
Riding whispers currents so heavy hearts may sing
Heaven awaits, the kingdom is ready, a feast prepared
Your gift; endless awe and wonder, because, you cared


When Extraordinary Ministers of Eucharist bring Communion to the home bound they know occasionally they will receive church envelopes. To see a single dollar bill go into an envelope can bring hidden tears as this person may be on fixed income or may need that money for their own personal reasons. The other end of the spectrum is to witness a wealthy individual asking how to spell the word thousand. In all cases, it takes a real act of courage not to say anything other than thank you. The prayer that also goes into the envelope is what they can do.

My wife and I were going away for a weekend night to spend some time together. I had the idea to make a handmade envelope for a poem I was going to write for her, so I could show her a sense of the total love I had for her.  As God would have it, I had to consider Christ’s beauty and the different kinds of love that goes into envelopes all over the world.  Instead of a simple hand folded envelope I ended up painting a spiritual one. You can use your own prayerful imagination to open this envelope discovering what love might be inside.
For further reflection: The Letters of Paul

imageImaginations Envelope