My Authenticity

I pray to God that today that I am genuine
That I show His free goodness to everyone

Lord, remind me of Your gift of spirituality
As I do not want holes in my authenticity

Jesus, fill my heart with waves of peace
So my love of fellow man will increase

Father, point me towards loves forgiveness
When I have misplaced my objectiveness

Reflect Your grace to humble my humanity
Light the trail on Your path as my legacy

Teach me to share joy and happiness
That grows from finding togetherness

Let these thoughts remain in my heart
Help me to never let them draw apart

I have always struggled with praying for my own benefit. When life gets me down I wish I could simply give up. I can’t even remember the countless times I came so close to “telling” God that I needed this or that thing to happen so I could be happy.  It has taken me years to not regret this not being easy because I have discovered my happiness does not come from personal possessions or any physical thing.   My most significant joy comes when I can do something for someone else without any expectation of anything in return. I have only recently learned to pray that God helps me be authentic, so people see that I genuinely care. 

For further reflection:  James 2