Not by Bread Alone

Peter and Dorothy were in the world, not of
They taught not by bread alone, but love
They offered poor souls food and place to stay
Their exhausting days were refueled by agape

Filled with Christ they could not refuse
to give, what we all could choose to loose
Their dream stays alive, others have assumed
the social justice trajectory God designed

I know workers, from one connections distance
Countless stories of love’s unselfish insistence
are etched into my mind of God’s grace within
Their kind response, requires prayer’s discipline

My gap briefly shortens in clarities affirmation
As I comprehend the encounter of desperation
We, will meet again, this journey incomplete
I know bread alone, is not the only food to eat


It is not easy for us employed in the corporate world to comprehend people who have no specific source of income yet provide for those in great need. Of particular are those organizations which have no official ministerial role or funding from the “Church”.  One of these unique groups is the “Catholic Worker” founded on the biblical promise of justice and mercy. Each Catholic Worker is independent from the other yet the organization continues powered in its trajectory by prayer and begging.

For further reflection: Catholic Worker communities, Deuteronomy 8 and Matthew 4

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