Now I Know

Pine cones random about the floor
Blue sky peeks between your arms
Deep green in seasons year round

Mighty tower straight up to the sky
you call to climb, I agree
you hold me (and I you) tight

Proud with cousins in natures rows
Home to creatures big and small
Fresh air breaths from your oils

Blanket soft from years before
Warmth gathers below your wings
Winds held from blowing through

Time will tell what you become
Sheets of wood lain down as floor
Burning bright while burning fast

Pieced together as workmen’s bench
Perhaps decay in place to start again
I stand before you in deep thought

As now I know God made you for us
Such wonder and awe you deserve
I know God made us, like you, to serve

On a hike, I came across this massive and beautifully shaped pine tree. Simply staring at it, I began to notice some of its qualities. I instantly recognized how God put it there to serve us in a variety of ways. What an incredible analogy for us. I recognized He puts us here and gives us unique qualities to serve others.

For further reflection: St. Kieran – Vision of a great tree