On earth as it is in Heaven

To believe enough to let Christ touch our hearts,
To reach back with ours to Him and beyond,
To become part of the One we cannot describe,
To take back from there the love we now know,
To let our fires spread so others sense the joy,
To use our God given gifts to serve humanity,

This is all that is asked of us on earth as it is in Heaven

It is fun sometimes to pick apart a prayer we think we know. In this particular case I focused on a portion of a sentence of the Our Father. I came to understand that our role while on this planet is to emulate what Jesus taught us while here himself.  In this way we may glimpse what is ahead of us in heaven.

For further reflection: Faith based Social Justice initiatives  This link will take you to a page where you can find a report in PDF format on the impact of faith based Social Justice at local levels. There are many other successful global initiatives such as Catholic Relief Services with programs such as Micro Finance loans