Our Pace Has Quickened

God knew before us, why the sky is blue
without the need for reason
God can tell me why trees change hues
in the beauty of each season

He made sunrises and sunsets appear
glorious when we really care
My list could go on forever into infinity
gifts from God for us to share

Our pace has quickened in a few centuries
and we consume at a faster rate
Spirituality’s flag must be raised quickly
or I am not sure of human fate

The tree of knowledge Christ gained for us
should be used before it is destroyed
Let us find a solution to human quickness
that considers Christ’s gift enjoyed

I’m at a loss what effect I can possibly achieve
as a single human in the all
I pray that I continue to let my heart believe
God have mercy, we do not want a second fall


I cannot help question why it seems I have this recent quest to help in some way to restore luster to the Garden.  The more I consider it, the larger the task seems.  I am slowly coming around to see my own impact and what kinds of things I can do. But, this nagging feeling that I’m supposed to do far more continues to be very much part of my relationship with Christ. Perhaps, simply writing about it will help me figure it out. 

For further reflection: Colossians 2