Our Secret Place

God, I ask now for a secret place to be
A time to protect my thoughts from harm
What I share I want only you to know,
defend this moment from devils grasp

For he waits in patience for me to fall
He twists, he turns me away from right
His games with rules not easily learned
In stealth he works to shake my faith

He builds his strength from my desires
In family and friends he hides deceit
But I’ve learned from times before
that evils ways can truly be beat

I ask in silence for grace and peace
and let us share a hidden sanctuary
that Satan’s tricks can not penetrate
So he never knows of what we speak

Father, confuse him with time and space
Jesus, shield me behind your endless love
Spirit, in my heart; build a wall of flame
Thank you for this sweet moment of time

Where life is left behind and soul is free
to reflect, confess and contemplate
to plan and build on what I know
In this our time, our secret place

The side of effect of learning what it means to be in the presence of God also means you have to better understand Satan. It becomes quite apparent he is out to destroy you and everything you strive for. It is quite clear the closer you get to God the bigger the prize it is for Satan to stop your progress. He will use every possible means in his power to do so. Interestingly enough he can be stopped in the same way one learns to be in God’s presence. It requires the same faith and dependence on the Trinity to do so. I find fear completely disappear when I ask God in all His persons to protect my conversations and plans.

For further reflection: Ephesians 6