Perfections Song

The arrow gently leaves the silky strands strings
to softly pierce our hearts
Lyrics mingle, our minds unconsciously resonate
oblivious to it’s soothing effect
Innocence enters, removing inhibitions constraints
to join a chorus of praise
God’s image takes shape with purifying thoughts
Christ’s love arrives in every note
Lost in the future beauty, we forget about ourselves
as our voices harmonize the prayer
Captured for a moment, we touch the edge of eternity
receiving from your gift longevity
Spirit called from within, alive in heavens resting place
moving past devotion into community
Hardened glassy surface melted, we journey to depths above
to find treasures of shared beliefs
We feel the verses ending approach, our hearts have touched
joy has found its way home
The sounds melody releases, trailing breaths linger to caress
our eyes lift to glance, towards your face
Burst of truth recalled, we are drawn toward heaven’s horizons
we have briefly seen glory’s reflection
We wait patiently to again hear grace play its instruments
to sing with you and let the music carry us away
into perfections song

Perhaps you never noticed, but during Church Service, without hesitating we pick up our hymnals and join others in the double prayer of song. We are instantly swept up, taken away from all of life’s complexities.  The space swells in joyfully harmony as our voices blend and mingle.  When the song is done we might offer a glance to the person or group that led us.

I’d like to suggest that it is their love of Christ and grace that has brought them to this place.  I have learned to be grateful that someone in the past likely encouraged them to use their gifts of beautiful voices or instrumental talent to play for us.  Their God given graces are like a light switch, instantly taking us into God’s depth and beauty, allowing us to briefly witness community and Christ within.

For further reflection: Music ministries and Psalm 95:1-2


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