Our souls like a reservoir can fill with grace and love
meant to spill out in joy to others, to gently caress
to ripple out beyond in ways we don’t always know
Precious gifts from divinity, liquidity to be shared

Sometimes in drought we must draw from this reserve
Fed from times before, when faith had little doubt
when filled from streams of our reflected generosity
or from the gentle rain when we gather together as one

We should be careful to not let our pools inside run dry
as God wants balance, wants us to know Christ’s love first
Then we can let charity cascade and flow where it belongs
as we participate with open hearts in this His golden rule

The reservoirs of saints are there for us, places we can go
Built from time eternity, prayer, compassion and actions
Silent strength waiting patiently, abundantly overflowing
Cool sips from their waterfall can fill our living souls

For in our hope and faith, we can collect beyond our needs
To build up a reservoir of perfect charity within ourselves,
filled with grace, filled with love, held in hidden humility
So when others need of us, our own rivers are free to run










2007 was a very dry year for New England.  I was walking along a trail that I had not been on before and right in front of me was an old dam with a door like opening.  There was barely any water trickling into the outflow brook and when I looked in the reservoir it was nearly empty. I realized in the moment how hard it is to give something to someone else that you do not already have yourself. We can fill our reservoirs in many ways such as being together in faith, attending church, reading scripture, praying and studying saints to learn from them. When we do, there comes a point that we are overfilled with joy and love, it is then that God speaks to us, asking us to be His hands.

For further reference: John 2