The Sunlight’s brightness beckoned, finally no storm
Not to hike, but to pray and write, to let its light warm
My laptop opened reluctantly to hear what I had to say
Keystrokes waited anxiously, while clutter went away

A whisper rang out to break the silence, freedom called
In a second it was gone, but scripture had been recalled
The scene of Christ’s Transfiguration, transcending time
Why were Moses and Elijah presented in the paradigm

Spirit guided; both had received God’s glory years ago
There, three men bathed in divine light’s ecstatic glow
As Christ’s disciples witnessed, they became confused
Scripture unfolded truth, prophets, God’s love infused

Each man had a glimpse of Him before reaching heaven
And watched God deliver humans love and compassion
It was over as I slipped back towards where I had begun
The first thought formed was Eucharist: Christ in action

More came than human Christ giving of blood and flesh
as we all receive ourselves with God’s glorified fullness
We must bring it outside, so others may live the dream
Fully realized living glory coursing in our bloodstream


I could see it was going to be a glorious day for a morning hike.  But, I have learned to follow inner whispers as the adventures bring me to the same place. I cannot even begin to express how sure I was of exactly what I was supposed to do. I went outside, and sat on a bench seat in the front yard with my laptop. I closed my eyes and for a brief moment it felt like I was right there with Peter, James and John looking at three men on a hill. Left behind was a profound chance to find out what God was trying to reveal.

It all came easily as I simply followed the clues as they seemed to arrive. Christ, Moses and Elijah had participated directly in God’s Glory. I drew a mental picture of leaving the church building after receiving Eucharist. I–like Peter, James and John–receive God’s Glory: a new Apple from the Garden redeemed by Christ that I can bring into the world. 

For further reflection: Matthew 17, Exodus 33, 1 Kings 19, Mark 14