From the grave they speak the truth with certainty
Kierkegaard, how did you found this philosophy
Farming fields teach us some of Gods complexity
As sometimes we must wait for the soils recovery

Alfalfa planted instead of golden corn rejuvenates
Strengthens the earth for which it must cooperate
Winters snow too brings mother nature’s fertilizer
An evening light flurry had dusted the brown acres

As I accelerated from the stop, destined for my office
My mind had drifted to the work I must accomplish
Out of nowhere a gust blew white across my view
The barn roof a reservoir holding memories of You

Brought forward by the sudden change from blue
The moment, a collection of many events accrued
Kierkegaard clearly smiling to himself this time
The crop had been rotated, I had truly been blind

Fresh dreams of a new peace began to take form
I had awoken from hibernations ugly cruciform
The journey had not ended, just a different yield
Christ’ love hard at work within the same field


I had been in a very long and dark night of the spirit and decided to accept the journey I was on was over. In my morning prayer I had told God I would settle for what I had.  I thanked him for everything and told him I would responsibly use that knowledge.  The night before a snow shower had deposited a light dusting. I easily noticed it was a beautiful blue sky day driving towards the office. I had just glanced into a field smiling at how wonderful it looked under that thin blanket when a sudden wind gust hit. 

Snow that had collected on a barn roof instantly blocked my view for a fraction of a second.  I knew immediately it was a moment that I had to pay attention to as out of nowhere Kierkegaard philosophical thoughts came to top of mind.  My journey had not stopped, it had only rotated, God was simply letting the Alfalfa and changing seasons bring new energy into my humanity.  

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