Shards of Love

In the sweltering heat of desert sands
you pray in hope, that we find love
A single candle dimly lights your cave
you, are there for us

When we gaze at you, we know the echo’s brilliance
can illuminate the way outside this space, into unity
Our short moments with you yields back eternity
This treasure different, from what the world knows

We kneel, sit, read, and pray in adorations silence
Noises dissipate, as we wait for what can become
Then You arrive in joyful peaceful waves of calm
Your divine afterglow consumes our emptiness

Tough as nails men lose their grip in this experience
melting into loves intensity beyond human necessity
There is nothing left but to let tears fall in the gravity
We become statues, free to roam in love’s meadows

Time changes everything, reshaping our existence
The glass darkly, cracks to let our soul slip through
Each visit a new discovery of inner color and hue
Imagination freed, we receive from God’s tableaux

Grace pours in, filling from the pallet of His abundance
Tiny slivers from the shattered glass are everywhere
each a delicate whisper, a shard of love, meant to share
Revealed from what might look like bread in our repose


Years ago when I first started taking a time slot in our once a month day long Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament I did it just to have a place for some quiet time.  While I still do that because it is not fair to expect anything else, in my surrender something remarkable happens.  There is a moment, sometimes very short, sometimes lasting what seems like eternity when Jesus’s love becomes truly present.

In the spirit of writing about this ministry, I learned that in abandoning self, we can join in the silence of friends who are present. The encounters are a glorious vastness describable in metaphoric terms as a sheet of perfect glass towards an endless horizon. As we journey together, pieces freely shear off to fill each person to capacity with Christ’s love, so they may give away the little shards.  This is Christ’s personal ministry, a precious gift to us. In these precious moments we recognize the love that is unconditional given without any obligation, because He love us.

For further reflection: Adoration of Christ with a friend and Luke 4:1-13

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