Shared Treasure

Courage may have sooner found itself
to speak of simple lessens I have felt
His gift exposed a long hidden catalyst
yielding moments you too have noticed

Now I know to humbly share this breath
so feelings finally find a place to rest
The peace and charity within each of us
reflects inside out as Christ’s fullness

Our hearts have opened to His reality
to sense deep joy from the mutuality
Our own verses, no two sound the same
spread like colors from prayer to flame

As I listen to your stories of grace be told
a bond, a touch, connects flesh to soul
My heart near bursting in glories heard
to hold your moments, forever treasured

I have been deeply humbled and touched by the inspirational stories people have shared with me of their own moments with Christ. It is quite profound to be one of the two people joined in the gift of tears.  It is in these special moments I find the courage to continue to share my faith with others.
For further reflection: John 13