She Brings Peace

Meditating with the Rosary, prayers transcend time
These beads, a ladder, guiding us to a higher plane
than we could have dreamed alone, towards the truth
Gabriel’s arrows flight, straight to perfections heart

As we let go of now, to let Mary to join our thoughts
we recognize, it has been her voice, calling out to us
Our breaths synchronize, two lovers holding hands
On a path as one, our faces radiant in the embrace

I have found a place where earthly angel’s labor
to gladly assemble sacramental chains for the climb
Each one filled with the tender touch of humanity
bound securely by prayer in a hall of lovely sounds

Christ incarnated, their heart’s flame clearly visible
They share past encounters at communities table
Patiently, individual hidden needs become satisfied
Mary present, these souls, in union, thirst for hope

They know she brings peace to quell raging storms
Her waiting arms can disintegrate crushing sorrows
To accept this offer of her glorious touch, permits us
to walk with her, in the glowing light of mysteries

I quickly learned to simply stay behind the scenes when I visited ministries to capture the inspirations for these vignettes. The women in the Rosary making ministry made me feel welcomed and embraced me as I became part of their evening.  It was amazing to see this group of woman uniting in so many different ways around the single purpose of bringing the richness of Mary as a prayer partner to thousands. While I had intimately known the other side of a Rosary as a prayer tool, I had not thought about what Love went into making them.

For further reflection: Rosary Making Ministries with Luke 1:67-79

Heavens climb small
Heavens climb