Thirty feet in front of me a single leaf shimmered gently in the breeze
Sunlight bounced from the stream below to reflect its light to my eyes
The trail curved right making little sense to stop my forward motion
Its call to see its beauty up close could not be ignored, so I approached

The call became stronger, sight not good enough, I had to reach out to it
When I did, I knew I touched the hand of God, I did not want to let it loose
I thought to pick the leaf to keep for my own memory, but saw that selfish
The transgression crossed a boundary of my conscience, my grasp ceased

For who was I to think that I was the one that God designed that leaf
I turned back towards the trail, sure the shimmer’s siren was not stilled
Down the trail thoughts drifted back, realizing I had left a part of me
There I was along with Christ shimmering out to footprints yet to come

My role seemed simple, to add a little humanity to a moment of divinity
It seemed the prayer I had left behind might find its way to another touch
Would that touch add to mine or maybe draw strength needed to heal a pain
Perhaps my imagination was on overdrive, perhaps just a leaf in the breeze

Then doubt erased, truth be known, truly it had to be that God was there
In that moment, I saw myself dwelling within the reflection of His eyes
I His leaf, to shimmer out for someone to touch, because I learned to share
faith, love and hope, to give this gift in generosity, not mine to keep

Reality returned at trails end, but in my grin, the leaf found me out there
Like many other leaves, trees and rocks given to us in His unending joy
A joy passed over in our haste to build fame, wealth or objects in pride
Yet instead, with humility we should in our quiet see the shimmering leaf

For God the artist arranged this world precisely, beyond science for our needs
The proof lies in our imagination, in our action, in the leaves of own lives
In this journey we must reach out to touch, because when we do we will know
we hold Gods hand in sweet embrace, beyond thought, beyond the physical

The trail to these moments can be blocked in many ways not all our own
Yet we can nurture this sensitivity, to let it mature until we can see the leaf
But the leaf is not all that is there, we can move beyond to more than this
For if you do, you will find we are here to leave a touch for those that do not

Because God wants us to shimmer out to all, to surround others in our peace
For they still need to learn from us, how to see, how to feel, this perfect love
So they can hold the hand He offers, to not let go, united in this community
This, from a leaf nudged by a breeze made as loud as any trumpet blare

My patron Saint seems to accompany me on my journeys into the woods. On this particular adventure St. Francis knew I needed to understand my role in life better. In my simple mind, I realize I have a gift of knowing God is always present and somehow my job is to let others see that in me. Little my little I am beginning to see how I have been doing that and what else I can do.

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