Show Me How

Jesus, you inspire me in everything you are
When I’m lonely you hold me in your heart
As I work you keep me focused on my task
You find a way to always answer what I ask

With you, my life is one joy filled moment
In your arms can I be anything but content
You are never more than a thought away
Undoubtedly within my heart you must stay

I can see in your humanity pure white
Soul seeking soul towards your light
When I reflect on your earthly existence
I sometimes see reflections for an instant

When others gather around your endless love
We reach together to heavenly joy above
As I hope to be more like your past now
In adoration, I pray you will tell me how

We set aside one day a month for Adoration at our parish church.  I have the end of the day shift until Christ is returned to the tabernacle. For two months back to back at Adoration I had seen a naturally glowing host. One month the sunlight found a small crack in the window pane and the next month candle light reflected both somehow perfectly aligned directly on Jesus inside the Monstrance. There is a huge story that goes with this as 2 other people got to see the second glowing. I somehow knew it was going to happen in some way. I simply had to just tell Christ how much I appreciate what He does for me and ask that He continue to show me how to behave like him.

For further reflection: Letters of St. Catherine of Siena