Sing joyfully to God – Psalm 81

Sing Joyfully to God – Psalm 81

Prayer that is immersive, reflective and contemplative, the awe and wonders of walks into nature, uniquely close times with my wife and receiving Eucharist often lead to moments when time stands still and all is right in the Cosmos. I am fortunate enough to be able to occasionally express these brief moments into words that are never sufficient. As always, my hope is that these expressions of Gods love and grandeur resonant for you in your own journey. In the same gratitude of praise and joy in the spirit of Psalm 81, I offer the vignettes below of some of my thoughts that I have collected over the years of my own on-going transformation. (Psalm 81).

  • When I leave from your embrace, Let me stoop at falcons pace, A quick return to be with men, Who wish to hear of you again (A Moment for Christ – Falcons Pace)
  • In agony, metal begs the mercy of the hammers kiss (The Color of My Heart – A New Capacity)
  • Released from shackles, boundaries disappeared in the time, I reached to touch wetness on my face from love’s paradigm (Chanterelles in the Garden – Dreamed Duet)
  • Individuals sense restlessness; an interior smoldering that they alone cannot ignite and flame to its proper order. (Thesis – The Kingdom of Heaven is Like a Merchant Searching for Fine Pearls)
  • Let go of what holds you back, take wing, go, go and tell the world you have seen the risen Lord. (Via Lucis – The Way of Light – In the Presence of Saint Joseph)
  • Dance with me, the dance all perfect lovers know, And hold me, hold me, pleasure pleads do not let go. (Dispao – For I am Feint with Love)
  • Tissot’s work (“Jesus Looking Through a Lattice“) speaks volumes of the times when I need to see or hear Christ but he is hidden or silent. (Scriptural Rosary of the Mysteries of Love)
  • Like Jesus, we sometimes have to pass through the crowd. (Reflection on Luke 4:, Luke 4:21-30)
  • It is in the receiving that makes the impossible, possible. (Reflection, Mark 6:1-6)
  • The gift of a “deserted place” comes with the responsibility of reflecting the gathered light. (Reflection on Mark 6:30-34)
  • When I finally asked to touch Jesus’s cloak is when a holistic healing began, some of which I cannot properly describe. (Reflection on Mark 6:53-56)
  • As a Christian, our challenge is not to fit the square block into the round hole but to discern the required shape then with Jesus’s help allow our transformed self to enter. (Matthew 9:14-15 Reflection)
  • There is a precious song inside of us, a tune perhaps that only we can hear, Its peaceful notes a graceful melody, beating loves rhythms in our heart (A Moment for Christ – Our Song)
  • The truth is a preview of the fullness of Heaven, it is a reality now if we practice beyond what is in the parable (of the Rich Man and Lazarus) by reflecting Christ’s love, praying and consuming the Word and Eucharist. (Reflection on Luke 16:19-31)
  • Perhaps if I could fall down more often, forgive where forgiveness seems unworthy in the moment, embrace when it feels like the last thing I would ever do, then maybe, just maybe, I could fully encounter this heart of Jesus, a heart the color of love. (Reflection on Matthew 18:21-35)
  • This gift (God’s loving embrace), a weapon against evil, a loving smile or words, cast towards a need, agape ablaze in my eyes. Ah, for a moment truth surfaces; I am gathered in Christ’s Kingdom within and without. I pray this thought will ripple in my actions today and my tomorrows’ towards the change that needs to be.  (Reflection on Luke 11:14-23)
  • Eternity still echoes the instant when the bowl filled with both darkness and light, not I lord, not I. (Reflection on Matthew 26:14-25)
  • The movement of heart in the way we fall in love with the resurrected Jesus, helps us to discern our gifts and mission.(Reflection on John 20:1-9)
  • As Christ’s unconditional love approaches, I am accepting its aggressive correcting and taming, I am welcoming and cooperating with its joy and I am loving back so I can learn to give it all away! (Reflection on John 15:9-11)
  • Grace builds upon grace, and we have no choice but to help give it all away. (Reflection on Matthew 7:21-29)
  • With Christ as a trusted companion, I no longer crawl but walk upright with courage towards eternity. (Reflection on John 6:37-40)
  • Our awesome Lord, from the distance of less than a breath away, with all the request of the cosmos to consider, responds. (Reflection on Matthew 8:5-11)
  • As I bless myself with the sign of the Cross with Holy Water from the font when I enter a church, I am there with John the Baptist and Jesus in the River Jordan. (Reflection on John 1:29-34)
  • The Holy Spirit’s prompting creates an invitation to talk, become brother or sister, pray together, help recognize Christ in each other and add strength to strength. (Reflection on Luke 1:39-45)
  • Receiving is only part of the secrets of love that become revealed and increased, as the freely given away of the now known light is the signature of the Divine within (Reflection on Luke 8:16-18)
  • We should not seek false love, but quietly cast Christ’s love that is within, outward. (Reflection on Matthew 23:1-12)
  • Perhaps, my own awakening is the realization to believe that whatever darkness maybe around me that Christ’s tears as living water brings life to those who are thirsty. (Reflection on John 11:1-45)
  • As our heart moves towards love to see and believe in Jesus, the Spirit helps us to rise us from death to self, to do and be more like Christ. (Reflection on John 20:1-9)
  • When I walk through those metaphorical doors, God is silently waiting to embrace me, rescue me from my sins, nourish me, and to confirm my humanity mingles with divinity. (Reflection on Matthew 16:13-19)
  • I must first be caught up in a whirlpool cleansing conflicts inside of my cup so I may rest, otherwise how can I be and do outside of it. (Reflection on Matthew 23:23-26)

The Songs of Joy, James Tissot, Brooklyn Museum

The Songs of Joy, James Tissot, Brooklyn Museum