Smile From Within the Fold

I smiled at the subtlety, His slipping between the billowing folds
No guilt befriended me, knowing He stayed to watch the day
His voice in silence spoke to all, spoke from within the airy mist
Earthly gravity defied this peace and love, beckoned all to its side

The pull became unbearable; I had to respond to the mysterious
Imagination then left to roam, to penetrate, to reach what called
I briefly glimpsed wisping shadows darting about puffs of white
Held captive by desire, I ached to join this group in lofty down

Blessing granted, soul abandoned and spirit flew into this eternity
In an instant it found itself among their breaths no longer seen
For a moment it looked from where it came, to my solid ground
With friends it danced delighted within the clouds now known

Joy transcended in a feather touch, unloosed from zephyred breath
In that moment, in that flash, I saw Gods view from behind the veil
Goodness reigned among the shame, beauty shone within the dark
Brilliant radiance mirrored back from those who adore sight unseen

He heard the words of thanks and prayer from His adopted child
My transformed soul wandered home, where it belonged for now
To bring His love and joy to other men, to live what it now knew
Until some day to dart about, seen by souls exploring, souls below

I was standing in a clearing and for a moment while looking up in the clouds, I thought I saw a movement that should not have been there.  My mind was perhaps playing tricks on me but I had this desire to simply let go and imagine myself up there looking all around. I somehow saw through all the gloom and doom to a world where everyone cared for everyone else. At once I understood we should share that feeling.

For further reflection – The Cloud of Unknowing, Chapter 26

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