Soon, so Very Soon

The horizontal arched tree line calls like an open hand
Welcoming me into its beauty, its natural wonderland
A place full of comfort to pray and meditate on life
Where manmade sounds disappear as well as strife

Every step yielding treasures as its mystery unfolds
Here, I can break free of constraining human molds
Unleash myself from civilizations defining normalcy
To let God enter inside my flesh with His virtuosity

Slowly, the rising sun’s warmth kissed my cheek
Woke up my imagination to what I went to seek
I realized I didn’t come here to escape but rather find
To temporarily suspend beliefs, to leave life behind

The thought awakened senses I did not know about
I saw that in this life we glimpse God from inside out
While an external trigger may expose this limitation
The kiss of warmth in our heart must be God’s Son

I knew for now I had to leave behind this holy place
And try in patience to hold all life in love’s embrace
Wait for my time when I am called away from here
Soon, so very soon I’ll do more there than I did near


Leaves changing the color of the trees started to expose the arched tree line of the forest in my back yard.  From the spot I stood it looked like an inviting open palm.  I recalled so many walks I made in the woods where I found so much of myself.  Virtually every trip has exposed wounds in my humanity that God found ways to heal in some way.  There are so many more and I am certain there is enough time left in my life to go beyond making a dent. The fruit of these short visits have led me to believe Christ listens to my request to be like him. While I do not intend to rush death along, I have come to believe that after life in this body I have far more to do. I freely admit I am looking forward to it.

For further reflection:  1 Peter 1