Stained Glass Windows

Maturity had dimmed a fascination with cellar holes
Imagined stories that could come from historic souls
Nature usually hides the stonework with underbrush
Just a glance passing by, whispers said; do not rush

Stop and pray, wait for the lesson in heaven’s time
Standing at the edge, thoughts gathered in the climb
Then as clear as day, layered stained glass windows
Stacked back to back, thickness measured in echoes

One by one a brief visit, love expressed in the truth
Rainbowed glass, creation’s beauty of different hue
The moment passed, silently etched, to be explored
Memories long forgotten return as Christ is adored

Kneeling before the sacrament, visits become clear
Layers meant deeper depth, the dream a thin veneer
Each one was a journey past, from dark to colorful
Light, not time, has let the vastness turn wonderful


I had painted a picture that reminded me of rainbows superimposed over each other. Otherwise it had no specific meaning, so I put it aside as I figured some day it would mean something.   Growing up, we had many cellar holes to explore in our small town.  I remember imagining stories of the people that lived in the house. Over the years of hiking into the woods, I occasionally come across one hidden by nature.

As I was drawn to the edge of an unfamiliar cellar hole, it felt like it may have been a church with stained glass windows. My painting immediately came to mind as the window told a story.  As my own story unfolds, sometimes the colored glass is dark, other times the colors enhance the surroundings.  Being with Christ in Adoration lets me sense Him just behind the glass darkly, but I sure wish it was clear enough to see Him.

For further reflection: Adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament