Sunrise II

And so I thought I’d seen the best dawn one could be
I should have known God was not yet done with me
Three mornings later I walked to the dock in a trance
Amazingly, I absolutely knew I had a second chance

Patience knew to wait with me, my camera held tight
There briefly before me divinities golden yellow stripe
I captured this wonderful moment I had missed before
But by now, I should have known there was still more

As I again thanked God for this impossibility
The mirrored lake seemed solid in my reality
The rest of the story quite difficult to explain
Let’s just say, my life, it will forever sustain

There is surreal, then, there is surreal. This experience was simply mind blowing as I knew from the moment I woke up that I was going to be able to take a picture of the awesome yellow stripe I had missed a few days before.  I had no idea that this sunrise was going to be an order of magnitude more beautiful than what I had already seen.  I will never be able to describe in words what I witnessed and was able to capture in a photo.  Even then the picture does not do the scene justice. What followed the sunrise was even more mind blowing as I could have sworn the surface of the lake was solid. I will have to leave it at that.

For further reflection – Ven. F. Augustine Baker – Holy Wisdom, The Third Treatise

Also appearing on Picturing God at Ignatian Spirituality