I left behind a busy world for a week free of pace
to relax, to enjoy time un-kept, no place I had to be
My wish was to sleep until after dawn arose each day
to awake in arms of love, in peaceful synchronicity
But now I know my surrender in this world complete

As mornings are for God, His gift this time, a view east
My thoughts were calm, at peace in this still dark morn
Prayers of hope complete, thoughts drifted to what to do
My mind framed an expected sun, I would paint the scene
Then in awe, I watched the most glorious dawn ever seen

Words cannot describe, beyond surreal, beyond any dream
My camera froze time, as fast as it could, in near disbelief
God gave me a present of beauty almost outside of reality
Deep purple clouds kissed land then escaped rolling hills
Trees silhouetted, while the sun spread a thin yellow slice

Strands of fog rose gently ghost like from the mirrored lake
In seconds thin clouds flamed to pink disappearing to blue
The moment evaporated as the orange sun crested the hill
As I reflected by what I had just seen, I understood why
I awake before the sun rises, before the world turns light

I’ve been given a gift to treasure, His arms around me in this life
With the day bathed in the rising sun’s glare, the canvas waited
Almost in tears, I began to paint what God had illustrated for me
I marveled as the paint flowed, colors easily found their place
It will never be done, as I cannot reproduce this glory truly His


I have woken up to many sunrises with tremendous and glorious views including mountaintops with endless horizons. This particular one blew every other one away in its intensity, quickness and a brilliant yellow flash. It made me think of how much God loved each and every one of us.  I had a brief moment of regret when I was not able to capture a flash of a yellow stripe across the horizon. What I did not know in the moment was that this sunrise was only preview of one to follow a few days later.

For further reflection: Songs of St. Ambrose – The Dawn is Sprinkling in the East