Thanksgiving Day

I confess I have an early morning indoor prayer routine
at a love seat with a view, three windows side by side
Backyard, stonewall, cornfield and forest cannot hide
the beauty God just seems to play out in a daily scene

This morning’s fog embraced, surrounding everything
It made me think back to a memory I have often told
of a Catechist who explained divinity was to behold
For her it was an endless invisible mist worth collecting

Souls; vapor molecules, in total would fit into a thimble
But yet it surrounded, held and infused us all around
Imagination of youth turned to now what I have found
Now I know this mist, I know her story to be truthful

As the silky swirling haze began to leisurely diffuse
thoughts of souls I have known came to top of mind
I prayed for those in purgatory that it would not confine
and God’s face would shine on them in glorious hues

Saintly thoughts danced and sang like other times before
when Christ speaks without words to me in this way
I acknowledged back that today was Thanksgiving Day
The moment now in my collection with so many more

Truth be told, I find God everywhere within this mist
His touch, His kiss no longer just imaginations quest
I have surrendered to become the thimbles frequent guest
This morning merged two worlds in which we all exist

I am constantly reminded of the nature of God all around us as a CCD teacher (Catechist) explained so many years ago. Every time I am surrounded by any mist, be it taking a shower, in ground level fog or even flying in the clouds I find a truth that has at best a weak explanation in this analogy.

For further reflection: The God Gene –Time Magazine, Oct 2004