The Color of My Heart

So why was morning early this particular day
I decided to follow, so it could lead the way
The sky still dark, song birds not yet awake
But, the unseen blazing sun was no mistake

The sphere this time consumed my field of view
Its bold red center fanning out striking hues
Time moved leisurely by as I waited patiently
to understand the purpose of what was to be

Even with my eyes opened, it did not disappear
Its Technicolor glory gave me no reason to fear
Forty years of life have passed since its first visit
unpredictably morphing and changing bit by bit

Faith has taught me it is the sphere of our humanity
embraced by Christ’s infinite love in all its beauty
This occasion appreciated it as a piece of fine art
A simple statement; “this is the color of my heart”

I wiped away a single tear in humble, silent praise
and committed myself to Him renewed, as always
It would seem frequency would make me used to this
but, every day, I still look forward to His morning kiss

The summer before I was teenager I had an image of a divinely inspired sphere become etched into my mind. This burning image can show up at any time and place no matter where I am in my state of life. I have learned to accept it as just simply being there with me.  Of course, this image does not exist in the real world as it is an intellectual image that only I can find meaning within the specific moment.  It has remained a part of my interior life, consistently and constantly changing and morphing without needing or ever asking anything in return. I have determined that the image is not important and is secondary to the thoughts it allows me to collect, gather and reflect on.

This time it brought me into the presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Reflecting back over my life I can see that without Jesus I do not think I could have peace in my own heart or so many other feelings such as concern, mercy and prayer.  Knowing Jesus has embraced the sphere of humanity has led me towards action for those less fortunate.

For further reflection: St. Bonaventure, Vitis Mystica (The Mystical Vine Treatise on the Passion of the Lord) Vitis Mystica.pdf (5.44 mb) (Right click to download)