The Request

I did not tell you what I noticed during the times I was with you
To look through the window of your eyes, was to be with Moses
I knew an angels purifying glowing coal had touched your lips
It is time for others to know you, I must pursue your saintly cause

Attracted like a honeybee to pollen I had to be in your presence
not to worship you, but knowing through you God became real
You were a humble miracle passing on the blessings within
I saw your hidden secret suffering was wrapped snuggly in joy

Roads were not there before you arrived, you left them behind
for others to follow, so they could see how to rise to love’s call
Like perpetual motion, you defied nature with your energy source
I recognized your imperfections were so much less than my own

Behind the scenes, I knew you had been asked like James and John
Can you drink this cup, that I am going to drink? and said to Him
Yes, I can, because you knew the Father had prepared your heart
Your wish, was to be first servant of a master only you could see

More than anything, you embraced the world; evil could not hide
My righteous decision, still strong in the passing of many years
This quest I cannot let go, as I was intimate with your holiness
I am not alone, I am joined with friends who help make the request


I have been fortunate to observe the behind the scenes sainthood request process of not just one but two separate holy people. I have learned it is a laborious, expensive and time consuming process. Watching this unfold caused me to read a book on the period which included requirements.  There is a common denominator of a single individual driving the attempt.  Quite often this person knew the saintly person in ways that others may not appreciate.  It is sometimes a contagious effort as others join the mission. No doubt in their own way, the person pursing the quest is asked the same question as the potential saint, will you drink this cup?

For further reflection: Those that pursue the cause for sainthood and Matthew 20:20-28