The Sacred Place That Chooses Me

Triggered by a rock, a Cross, a smile or rising smoke
In nature’s beauty, or under beams of oak, I am home
Adoring, adored, an encounter only faith could evoke
Tis love I feel, ensconced within protections dome

Grace enters unhindered, worldly sounds are purified
Holiness blinding, I become lost in peace’s embrace
My surrender complete, God’s presence, magnified
Community gathers too, as we enter, hidden space

No walls within, nor outside to stop perfections glen
The brief exchange, measured, in a glance of time
Yet, I am filled, I shall give it all away, to wait again
For the sacred place that chooses me, for the climb


There are places quite often triggered by a glimpse of beauty that evoke holiness which surrounds us in the peace and comfort of the community of saints.  All of God’s creation of course is sacred, but it takes us responding in these places to complete the encounter. To have a friend who wishes to participate in this sacredness is a gift of Christ’s grace to be treasured.

For further reflection: The communion of Saints and Revelation 21

imageProtection’s Dome