Their Quiet Company

At first, I felt the warmth of an angel watching
So I surrendered to consolations gentle blessing
Then found Christ loves beyond a piece of bread
Time went by as I accepted this truth in my head

While Christmas Mass unfurled its actual intent
A table shared, now-not yet of what love meant
Light flickered and danced to move beyond a feel
Intellect let the community of saints become real

Imagination tricked above the cross but I believed
The moment a trigger for a lesson to be weaved
Clearly they delight in joining with us in the feast
Time intensified, their joy being noticed increased

Extraordinarily, around the altar they moved about
Belief turned to awe as they began to reach out
Dancing among their friends of flesh and blood
then fade away to go in faith to serve the Lord

I looked forward to every mass to see them play
quite shocked one day when they did not go away
They briefly stayed near until I left the walls behind
Amazed, I realized how far Church was redefined

Imagine how I felt to be awakened within their white
So they could pray with me before morning daylight
Bolder still they became as I glanced up at the office
to sense divinity in everything that I had not noticed

Courage asked in deep prayer for them to be with me
As you might guess, they now appear quite frequently
But there is more as I am not alone in this community
They want us to know they too want our quiet company

I have gotten used to virtually everything becoming triggers to see God’s action in my life.  In this case, I had been dealing with “Floaters” an age related phenomena of tiny pieces inside your own eye that break off and move around the fluid in your field of view.  I have to admit that these connections I make are sometimes a little farfetched but it is quite profound to pursue them from one reality to the next. I was feeling particularly close to God at Mass a couple of years ago when the floaters decided to make their appearance. I could not help but notice the significance of them being above the Cross.  Almost instantly I realized I was about to cross another boundary so I let it happen.  Logically, I came to the conclusion that the subtle whitish/blue background of the wall explained the physical contrast for the floaters to show up only there.

But then like in many things over time my intellect begins to soften the hard edges within these moments to let me sense God and all of divinity.  So many things began to become clear.  In Mass I am in a community of not just living beings, but all of God’s creation, all the precious souls past and present.  When I begin to let this thought drift into clarity it was easy to see that the community extends far past the walls of the Church well into the remainder of my life.  All I have to do is let it.  Their quiet company changes everything.

For further reflection: The Apostles’ Creed