Time Alone?

            Time Alone?
      In these times of quiet peace
      I find myself awake in sleep
      Imagery seldom within the daily norm
      Yet soft and gentle like after a storm
      Thoughts uncharted from everywhere
      Infused within, hidden with loving care
      Time passes, not noticed in this place
      Breathes collide to merge in sweet haste
      Intuition senses others are gathered here
      To rest in God’s presence, thoughts seem clear
      In time, I assume I will see past this light
      For once sensed impossible to resist its might
      As this enigmatic world begins a slow collapse
      I reach to hold what I cannot grasp
      My time is up I must journey home
      Journey back to where I will not be alone

Sometimes we have prayer moments with Christ that take our breath away. These moments can be very difficult to described, filled with imagery and thoughts we cannot understand.  We can sense far beyond realities we are familiar with. I have no choice but wait and let myself catch up to what is happening.
For further reflection: St. Theresa of Avila – The Interior Castle