To Cast the First Stone

The blue flashing lights meant it was my turn to be pulled over
In your cautious approach, your hand remained on your holster
I imagined, you prayed, that you would not have to use it
Kindly, yet firm, our conversation began
You asked, have you been to our little town before
My words fumbled out, not this way
You responded, you missed the sign for reduced speed ahead

I nodded a humble yes, he asked where are you going
I said, to the monastery, to go on retreat
His face instantly melted into comfortable
All I got was a warning – please, next time slow down
His last words, will never be forgotten
Say hello to my friend Brother John for me

I stood before the judge’s bench to defend my integrity
He noticed my pain, my sincerity, and theirs too
I was surprised when the hammer did not fall hard for the other side
It took years to understand the reason why

A business partner had deceived to steal what was not theirs
The money would have made a difference to my employees
I was angry, vengeance was my answer, get it all and more
My lawyer calm, his letters non-threatening – they, must cease
That is all I got, but now I understand disappointments experience

All of you, policeman, judge, lawyer
Honest, professional and warm of heart
Have shown me, how hard it is
To cast the first stone


I have seen the law from many different angles.  In the law of the Old Testament the answers seemed clearer – an eye for an eye.  But, the complex law of Jesus considers compassion, sincerity and trust.  I am witness to this different ministry, one that does not seem to fit into our society but has become obvious. This is the ministry of individuals, with Jesus in their heart, who have integrated their faith and civic law. I did not always appreciate this, as I as sometimes felt the old ways, the old law should apply.  Yet, time tells us Jesus is right.

For further reflection: The silent ministry of those who protect and Ephesians 6:10-16

imageCast the First Stone