To Know the Goal

To Know the Goal

It seemed quick prayers were enough this time
as fresh air called to explore the springtime
Although forest walks bring peace and serenity
they were ignored for a very specific beauty

I have this passion for fresh wild mushrooms
randomly arranged among new season blooms
Experience told me to find the one I wanted
I should search an old orchard now forested

Late April chill was still in the morning air
green shoots broke the ground no longer bare
Nature was left forgetting winters memories
moving life upward, forming little buds in trees

Long steps rushed, singular focus in my mind,
to harvest Morels, to satisfy desire with my find
I barely noticed the calm that surrounded me
for my mission was to make my basket heavy

To fill it to the brim with treats of four star pleasure
to feast on springtime’s first edible fungus treasure
As I bent to pick a golden crown from the dew
a thought, a feeling changed to thinking of you

I filled instead with a twinge of guilt, I was selfish
to believe the forest was mine alone to cherish
I realized you had just watched my every move
not just now, but always observing my love improve

Far beyond what I deserved, you smiled felt radiance
in enormous waves of love, I barely stayed conscience
In this surreal awe, I seemed to know you were happy
with a son who mostly listened and helped you freely

Even within a moment of a self centered goal
you found a way to reach within my very soul
Its seems so very strange to me, master of divinity
how much unconditional love you have for me

A simple story of an unexpected and unbelievable love among the Morels. Truth be told, I had no choice but to reflect in that spot for quite sometime. This has become one of my most defining moments as here I was completely immersed in a self centeredness bordering on the extreme. Somehow God turned it around as a thank you for all the times I was not this way.  It became quite easy to see that I also could do the same, my life’s goal changed that very day.

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