To What Am I Invited

Grand thoughts in my mind
sometimes create an illusion
For my expected greatness
is clearly my own worse sin

As I have often discovered
this weakness gives strength
It tells me that my destination
is not for me to pick and choose

Although I slip quite frequently
to try and guess of where it is
I continue to find myself again
and again in the wrong place

Each time I slip I have noticed
the depth of this human frailty
The void created always fills
with more of where I should be

I am truly blessed and grateful
that God loves to hear me pray
My wish to stay the narrow path
towards the place only He plans

It brings great comfort each time
to know my defects are forgiven
Healed of my own sin of pride
to reach again towards humility

I am slowly learning that faith
will someday take me there
So, I wait to hear God’s love
whisper to what I am invited


I am attempting to try and emulate the goodness of saints but it is extremely difficult.  Among other things try as I might I keep coming back to thinking of how great I am and how much more I am capable of. It is mind blowing that even in this mistaken pride God forgives these repeated regressions. I am again and again humbled as in my confession of pride God fills these voids with more of His greatness.  I think I am beginning to understand what the expression the patience of a saint means. 

For further reflection: Isaiah 57