Today You Will Be With Me In Paradise

Each day, each hour, can we be ready to enter paradise
When we are the good thief reaching out, can we hear
From my hidden vantage point I have glimpsed attempts
But I am to weak to try myself, I can only see a silhouette

Their holiness might tarnish, but quickly re-shines in prayer
When they look at me, I melt, as Christ appears in their eyes
In or out of churches physical walls, glory gladly consumes them
Their faith circles round, to let it journey, where it belongs

I know they silently suffer, others only know their face of love
They carry not just their own crosses, but know of others pain
Despite this, their smile warm, examples of humanities best
Shining bright in the darkness, clearing a path for us to follow

Straight into the blinding Son, straight into divinities light
Their constant simple question, Jesus, will you remember me
If I could give them Christ’s answer in my distance from the path
In thanks, I would say “Today you will be with me in paradise”

I truly enjoy encounters with elder adults who now have time for prayerful reflection. I know their bodies are changing with the aging process providing new pain they did not have earlier in life. The wonder of it all is most of them are joyful and happy for others. Filled with love, a certain warm light becomes visible, in the years preparing to be with Jesus in paradise.

For further reflection: Wiser adults who know beauty with Luke 23:43


Journey to Paradise