Triune Fisherman

From a distance I watched the man fishing
I approached as he knew what was missing
No longer a stranger, he too knew me well
While we walked along, my fears quelled

We were not alone as two others joined us
Four companions united in completeness
Silently, thoughts merged in the crisp air
Nature sang songs as a background prayer

The walk was over quicker than it started
Proof, a set of footprints where we parted
Time had been stilled, a second had passed
I knew in that moment, knowledge amassed

I look back frequently to examine the scene
As I had noticed only one pair could be seen
The other track’s single prints alongside mine
I know now their other foot perfectly aligned

Inside my step, they walked not three but one
Each beside, yet all the same in illumination
Time has passed, now I no longer walk alone
I have learned to walk with them, where shown



Sometimes the past is just as important as the present to discovering who we are and what we have become.  Years ago, I had awoken from a dream that seemed very real.  It was one of those dreams you do not forgot because it randomly appears in prayer. As time has passed with these “flashbacks,” I better understand God’s role as I walk in the journey I am on.  Most recently, I have discovered that although God is available in what seems like His different persons depending on the situation, He is always also there in Trinity.

For further reflection: Galatians 4