Twist and Turns

I stopped to briefly rest leaning against a decomposing tree
Instantly peace visited so my body and soul wandered free
My eyes at once adjusted to see magnified grains of sand
The moment intensified as I adapted awake in dreamland

At once I knew to let what was happening play itself out
God had a lesson planned, my role was simply not to doubt
Twig as branch barely moved as an ant marched from under it
Here I was five feet away, yet the ant large, seeming floodlit

As he walked along I noticed legs moved in perfect cadence
I waited in patience, for in this act I was the only audience
His march formed an imaginary line towards his single goal
Seconds ticked by as he journeyed towards a cavernous hole

My mind seemed to know to follow him down this cave
I saw him weave through tunnels hundreds must have made
The maze perfectly traveled by the ant in its sheer simplicity
I was joined with him seeing what lay in front of his destiny

In my view were thousands of eggs not yet turned to ants
Silence; then headed back up where we began this trance
When we broke the surface our minds each returned home
I was disappointed, as it was extraordinary to freely roam

As the reality of what I meant to learn began its gentle brew
the mighty boulders of sand disappeared from my view
Scene changed to my soul encased within a precious shell
amongst so many more hidden away safe from fiery hell

It was clear I must wait my turn to seek heavens surface
to see my Lord as promised in all His glory, face to face
To know His endless love beyond what I can already sense
For now to stay alert, alive, and active in earthly suspense

Resting after hiking a number of miles I encountered a daydream that seemed so real, perhaps it was. I took on a persona of a lowly ant checking on and protecting its eggs. I could not help feel that is what our souls are in our earthly bodies. To simply test our patience, endurance and courage and do as Jesus ask while we wait to get to heaven and break free to enjoy the endless love.

For further reflection: St. John of the Cross – Sayings of Light and Love
“In the evening of this life, we will be judged on love”