Under All The Weight

Fresh fluffy snow fell, crystal upon crystal layered height
I recalled a story I heard of the weight of a single flake
that when joined with others formed a heavy blanket of peace
Invitation opened, I unconsciously slipped a glove from my hand
to catch a fleeting moment of the blankets warm security

Flakes landed softly in my palm but turned to moisture instantly
Peace this time was not the lesson so it had to be the weight
Seconds turned to minutes as my hands heat could not keep up
Crystals began to gather, yet I still had no sense of any heft
I saw this time it was a metaphor, time to let my soul go free

Like many times before needing my permission for its flight
it kept my hand out to catch and drift in my unworthiness
As crystals found home, the weight now known was anguish
My mind touched soul to ask in simplicity to feel more of this
The wish was granted as God let pleasure flow of this torment

I felt the weight of pain and sadness from all of our mistakes
I sensed it only a shadow of this misery, yet our optimist God
pushed aside our shame to share with us unrelenting happiness
At this thought, soul let go to rest again deep inside the dream
and I recalled His forgiveness perfectly despite the bulk of sin
On my hand a dusting, reminding me of where I’d been
I let it slide off to join below to the blanket being built
Its peace I will reflect on but now I see what I should do
A greater love cannot exist than this, a love I must live
Even under all the weight He only asks of us to be with Him

We all have (at least those that live where it snows) the urge out of nowhere to reach out and catch some snowflakes just for the joy of it. I was out taking care of the driveway when all of a sudden the snow started coming down like I have never seen before. I thought of a story published and used mostly by peace focused organizations about the weight of a snowflake and how when it combines with other flakes becomes far more than a single flake. But as sometimes happens it was simply an invitation to let God into my horizon.

I learned a lesson of the weight each of us has to deal with. Despite everything around us we must not be consumed by sin, sorrow, pain and anguish but rather seek out happiness both here and in future glory. To nail down the lesson I witnessed over 2 inches of snow had fallen in under an hour; sometimes we must face these overwhelming burdens by depending on Christ’s love to get us through.

For further reflection:  Psalm 51