Wake Up World

Father is as Father was
no change in our Father’s love
Christ remains the same
no different from what he began
The Holy Spirit’s fire burns
with intensity inside our hearts

Then why is it we do not see
how lonely we have become
We pass by the beauty all around
without even a blink of our eyes
We do not seem to see the subtleness
of God’s gift that surrounds

Wake up world, you have a soul
do not forget what it is meant for
Precious hidden glue that connects
keeping us from only ourselves
Creation waits so patiently
for us to respond to what it has to give

We are wounded, our own demon
who lives side by side the truth
Strengthened by senses’ neediness
instead of being healed by grace
Find some silence, let God’s love
rest the passions we have built

Accept a different kind of wound
strike a blow to demon’s head
Do not suffer in ungrateful haste
recognize what Christ brings
Remember that despite anything
His love always ready to receive


I am no different from anyone else as I suffer both emotional and physical burdens, the worst being certain kinds of negatively oriented lucid dreams. Even though I can end them, they are occasionally so disconcerting that I wake up. One particular night, life’s demons got the best of me after only a couple of hours of rest.  I had no choice but get up in the darkness.

It took over an hour to fight the sensation and bring it down to quiet roar so I could catch a couple of hours more sleep.  I woke up before dawn with a single thought in my mind.  Despite greater and greater challenges on both sides of good and bad, I had to change even more than I had begun to.  I had not even touched the tip of the iceberg. I went outside in the beautiful crisp air of early morning to pray about this thought. For a fraction of a second I seem to feel the weight of the entire world on my shoulders. I sensed how deeply creation is wounded and how much it needs healing.  But I also sensed that God is willing to work with us, we just have to try.   My own demons seemed so little in comparison and since then, I have not woken up from one of these dreams.

For further reflection: Romans 8