Washed up in Breaking Waves

Washed up in Breaking Waves

Booming crashing waves roused like orchestra symbols
Tall white crest carried practiced surfers in their curls
Fishing boats broke the blue line far out in the horizon
In the distance, we noticed the beach owned black spots

These motionless tiny dots brushed curiosity’s surface
while the seas deposits filled the air with exotic spices
Undulating water rose and fell, reflecting its brilliance
To stop and gaze was more than enough, why go at all

Yet, the call unmistakable, the answer must be known
We walked and talked as moist sand tickled our feet
To cool for sunbathers, it’s softness belonged to us
Slowing, we did not want to rush toward the sacred

We discovered black coals, diamonds ready to be formed
Gifts from a storm sunk barge of one hundred years before
Scattered heart sized pieces, washing up in breaking waves
We marveled when the sun lit up each as sparkling rainbows

I still marvel at Christ’s subtle purpose in the shared journey
I will no longer miss the chance to be in awe of parents
of children with gifts seemingly a long distance away
Glistening with beauty, love, inner sunshine, and delight


The smile on his face undeniable, he just wanted to touch the newly baptized baby.  He had journeyed from the far end of the church during Mass to do so. Nothing was going to stop him, nor did anyone want to. He transferred his joy and delight physically while everyone else did so spiritually. It was a moment that captured my heart forever. No doubt his parents knew this young man’s love would be contagious. I instantly recalled the journey on the beach I had walked a year before.  We too had been drawn to something I knew had to be beautiful long before we had arrived. Like many things in my life I connected the dots, from a distance as these black pieces of coal where exactly that, out of place, different looking, like they did not belong. Yet, something inside told me there was going to be remarkable beauty and delight. Now whenever I see parents of children that are gifted in unique ways I am in complete awe.  I can only imagine how constant grace and love fills their hearts.
For further reflection: Parents with the mission of loving their handicapped children and Zechariah 9

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