What a Dream I Had

What a dream I had, a dream that could not be
Man of gold lying down, lying down with me
We were looking up, upside down in the sky
While the world floated away, we floated by

Much out of place, in a place that could not be
Gold is far from my desire, as my desire is free
Hiding by facing down, only brings me down
To tethered earthen ground, sanctified ground 

Ah, so he thought trickery would do its trick
Confuse me with a confusing visible kinetic
His hope, that I would fantasize inside fantasy
The attempt to captivate did not capture me

I know truth, this dream not of true divinity
Those moments are never simply momentary
They carry love deep to the depth of humanity
and lower pride while raising joy’s humility

No doubt this is not the last time I must outlast
demons real or in my personal demon’s paths
I am not alone, protected by this light of light
of Christ in shining glory, gloriously bright


I’ve had many dreams that seem quite real. I have been very fortunate as I dream lucidly. For me this means that not only are my dreams Technicolor and memorable, but if I do not like the way something is going, I can change it while I remain sleeping. I was stunned when I had a dream that was directly opposed to what I have learned and accepted in the past few years about wealth and charity.

What initially threw me a curve ball is that it was quite difficult to manipulate the outcome, building to the point of waking up. I realized that it was possible that I was not entirely in control of what I had dreamed.  None-the-less, I learned much about myself and my trusting relationship with God in the diversion.

For further reflection:  Ephesians 2