Where I Must Go


            Where I Must Go
      He borrows a piece of my life to teach me what I did not know
      At first I was shocked and stunned not understanding where I go
      But as these moments unraveled the mystery turned itself around
      And I finally began to see that instead of wrestling I should be calm
      These stories begin from deep within, far beyond what we expect
      Where the end of thoughts are rather best left behind to disconnect
      God’s grace flows replacing memories we perhaps misunderstood
      Yielding treasures, well outside what we thought, we alone could
      Now I sense them clearly even within this absolute darkest space
      I may never understand why I can participant in this other place
      But I know while here I must learn, then share what I am given
      I am certain it’s must be a glimpse, what must be future fortune
      So as I feel the gentle wind begin its whispering beckoning
      I reach for a place to call my own, to wait for its new blessing
      Silence follows peace, to walk this path few before have seen
      Home amongst other souls, communications sweetly serene
      Time will tell if I have properly learned within this place I go
      I am only human and divinity so far away from what I know
      So I remain focused to accomplish what I am supposed to do
      Knowing God has simply asked to trust, what He ask me to

Deep prayer can bring us some new insight, some new piece of knowledge we did not have before.  There is a supernatural trust required to believe the unbelievable we find in these prayers. It is the only explanation.
For further reflection: St. John of the Cross – A Spiritual Canticle of the Soul