About Jerry

I am a happily married practicing Catholic living in Central Massachusetts (New England, USA). I am actively involved in a variety of ministries but could not do so if I did not take time for prayer and to just be.  My life experiences in faith far outweigh but are supported by a formal graduate degree in pastoral ministry.  I have found that to attempt to fight every single wrong I observe, quickly burns me out.  I now realize our specific commission is far more important and we must responsibly identify and use our God given gifts. For me, among other things, this means making quality time for daily prayer, teaching about our loving Trinity in as appropriate way as possible, and moments of accepting Jesus’s will which includes writing of the ordinary moments of God’s peace, love and actions. I strongly believe we are already participating in the mystery of heaven and eternity.  I understand some of what I write may be different than your own thoughts as I do lean on my experiences and background. I only ask that you think ecumenically and let the Holy Spirit regulate your reaction.

The personal content of this site is typically captured from the meditative sequence portion of the ancient prayer of Lectio Divina. My hope is that my thoughts not just resonate but help others form their own reflections. Here are some of my own favorites as a collection of vignettes from within this site, if you would like a quick view. I prayer that together we can Sing Joyfully to the Lord as David does in Psalm 81.  Feel free to email me at jerry@immersiveprayer.org for additional information.