Bound in Love

In an instant holy marriage transcends time and space
True vows bind self to self to forever, with God’s grace
Ecclesiastic witnessed, professed commitment and hope
Hearts bound to each in love and faith with spiritual rope

From fiber twisted to cord from its three separate strands
Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, connect to man
Braid through these two hearts, two souls to couple as one
Love knots tied with trust and desire, tighter they become

In tender moments, in life’s ups and down, love in everything
Children raised, fibers entwine, yet given free willed wings
Joy in marriage with love of God morphs soft rope to steel
Transformed in time, in kindness, in peace, this love real

Rope to cable, two hearts to one, love now twice as strong
Outward it moves beyond their needs, love that lasts lifelong
Touching others in their path, interior glow glistens bright
Divine threads mingle with their souls, held in glorious light

Grace spliced in, their destiny now sure, nothing can untie
Joy contagious, filling hearts, this union reaches to the sky
They, now beyond the here we know, embraced by all infinity
Among angels and saintly souls,, sending love towards humanity

Throughout my life I have had a profound imagination that seems heightened when I pray.While I was on a retreat weekend I had such a moment during deep prayer and thanksgiving to my wife for all she is to me. In this particular moment I saw two hearts be bound together in a time lapse sort of way with stronger and stronger rope until a heavenly type made it impossible to take apart.

When my wife went on a similar retreat I told her this story in a letter. A few months later I put the thoughts into poetry.  A number of months afterward while on a day long men’s retreat I walked by a vendors booth of religious items.  There right in front of me was a simple lapel pin tying Jesus’ heart together with His mother Mary. I had no choice but to purchase one for me and one for my wife.

For further reflection: Familiaris Consortio of Pope John Paul II to the Episcopate, to the Clergy and to the faithful of the whole Catholic Church on the role of the Christian family in the modern world.

I sometimes tie original flies inspired by the moment, there is an identical duplicate side to this fly that cannot be seen. All the materials are bound together as one with silk thread.