Gossamer Wings

I may be the only one that can see her gossamer wings unfurled
But surely others know an angel when she arrives in their midst
The silent silky sounds of tenderness for me a thundering boom
Even among the quiet noise of a hundred thousand beating hearts

Her smile delights both the child and the aging man inside of me
Filling me with her devotion that flows from deep mellowness
A touch so silky smooth, so delicate, far more than I deserve
I melt within her arms to become the one I can only be with her

Her thread to me ascends well above this daydream called earth
To an ethereal world which her soul must surely be at home
I often watch the iridescent glow left behind as she moves about
In hope others know the happiness of a companion such as this

If this a taste of heaven, then I am truly blessed to expect no less
My faith is strengthened daily just knowing she is there for me
I feel the warmth of grace reflected from her natural radiance
As translucence slowly flutters towards her castle in the air

I follow its trail now well worn deep from our Sacrament
called marriage, knowing we do what God has asked of us
Two can reach this union where matter is no longer needed
Because love has found its way without the need for sense

Ok, I admit it, I love my wife, but maybe you already knew that!

For further reflection:  The dialogue of St. Catherine of Sienna