Grace United

For me life is good when it can be held
Loving means to be touched and felt
Sometimes when I see the grace beyond
I’m not always sure where I belong

Such it is with shawl or rosary ministry
I wish to share why the work touches me
To see divinities path just close your eyes
In your mind let this mystery visualize

Prayers of hope begin to collect in silence
Transforming artist from indwelled presence
Love transcends through stave or needle
Chrism to knot, its essence is encapsuled

Group compassion from breathing angels
This gift now full, becomes supernatural
Kindness worn, more than a material thing
Captured love looses free from its knotting

Chrism journeys through unmarked terrain
It raises the spirit, heals wounds and pain
Christ’s charity at work in unknown ways
From hands of loving hearts with His grace


I was sitting next to my wife one day as she was knitting a prayer shawl when I visualized a drop of oil come out of the knitting needles into the knot of yarn.  I initially let it pass as just another unexplained event in my life.  Then less than a week later in virtually the same situation I saw the exact same thing as she was making the knot holding a bead in place in a Rosary. She gets together once a month with others that do the same. In a brief visit to one of these groups I saw angelic looks during their united prayer that I will never forget. It became quite apparent that God was showing me what was really happening in a physical kind of way. This human love combined with divinity finds its way directly to the soul of the recipient.

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