If Your Life You Live the Cross

Slowly it reveals itself until one day it is everywhere
If your life you live the Cross, a visible silent prayer

Arms outstretched from a friend before an embrace
Telephone wires across each pole perfectly spaced

Windowpanes displayed in crosshatched multiple
Tree branches crisscrossed looking quite natural

Doorways down a distant hall both left and right
Intersections that catch our breath at a stop light

Applications spread across a computer screen
Mirrored reflections in a ceilings vaulted beams

Bookshelf partitions holding words of human art
As we place an item in the weaved shopping cart

Shadows cast from a basketball hoop and pole
Even tiles across the kitchen floor touch our soul

This is how we know we have found the Cross
Because everywhere we are, the Cross is with us



Above the Cross behind the Altar, the morning sun shining through one of the side windows projected shadows of crosses from the crosshatches of the windowpanes.  I was pleased that other people also witnessed the shadows.  My imagination went wild as for the next twenty four hours crosses were virtually everywhere I looked.  Finally, it dawned on me in one of those duh how stupid am I moments; God was trying to teach you something Jerry. It was a simple but profound moment of recognition. The lesson was not that I could see a cross in everything but rather a statement!  No matter where I am and what I am doing Christ is there with me.  There are reminders everywhere that I cannot miss, if my life I live the Cross. 

For further reflection: Colossians 3:1-4