Iron Man

A car horn note penetrated with abruptness
Catching me midstream inside my quietness
As a old truck appeared outside the window
I was drawn to walk out boldly to say hello

His question at first strange, but now large
He wanted the damaged car door in the yard
Puzzled, I did not even hesitate with a kind yes
And with courage, asked him why nevertheless

His answer practiced from test of his humility
He sold what he found to support his family
My soul quiet for weeks, awakened in peace
Thoughts offer all I have, I… must decrease

Near silent, we gathered years of scrap metal
He… is increased, as his truck is nearly full
Treasure collected perhaps minimum wage
His thanks not measured by any known gage

Something he said, has become quite profound
Still spiritually dark, more than metal was found
His words; “most people would tell him go away”
I, had walked a road with the risen Christ that day

For years I had chased after a God I could touch
This story within a story has taught me so much
That divinity does not have to be felt internally
As Jesus is outside within the entire community


When I heard he car horn and looked out the window I saw a car passing a slowing truck. Seconds later the truck was in my driveway. What surprised me most was how I interacted with the man that showed up on my doorstep. He asked for an old car door I had not yet thrown away. He immediately seemed to be at ease with me as soon as I said yes.  In seconds he confessed it was to buy his kids Christmas presents.  It seemed quite natural to give him all the metal I could find. Together we silently scoured the yard for metal.  Each time we joined up we had a very brief word or two, everything he said seemed profound. The God bless and Merry Christmas I said lit him up with a huge smile and he beeped a song on his car horn leaving the driveway.

Thoughts of the adventure continued to drift into my consciousness because of all the circumstances that had to align to create that condition.  Spiritually, I had been in deep darkness for a few weeks not feeling the presence of God within. In this external moment, I realized I had met the risen Christ and offered myself to Him without question.  While the feeling of darkness did not go away I came to understand how far I had learned to journey down the road to recognize Him.  I also had a new hero, a man with superpowers beyond anything known.  I could not help but name him Iron Man.

For further reflection:  Luke 24