Love and Dust

His gift of love and dust reaches out to imagination’s envelope
A sweeping stroke across the infinite universe’s swirling mass
Motion so complex, creation’s birth we will never understand
Time stood still, while energy gathered and collected its fill

Cosmic matter spun into massive objects throughout the galaxy
creating burning furnaces, supplying radiant globes of warmth
Planets cooled, atmospheres formed to hold in the escaping gas
There is one we call Earth, its land alive with the breath of love

Here, we are assembled in wombs made from heredity’s strands
Genetic markers carried from beginning’s past, bring us forward
A greater love than even this, a greater truth must be explored
that helps shape, move and morph through space and end time

Dust visible in its obviousness, not easily seen in skin and bone
As it builds a place in our hearts, sweetness envelopes holiness
Eternity’s fine grains of beauty find their way into our stillness
As we hear whispers from beyond of sweeping strokes of love


I encounter the most profound moments of my life either in the early morning or at Mass. This particular time it seemed like I was on the edge of grasping something when a chicken and the egg metaphor hit me. At one point in the very distant past, everything was either God’s Love or His Cosmic dust.  From the combination of spiritual and physical, He created beauty that is sometimes hard for us to even describe.  Words cannot express the gratitude that we should have for what He has created for us to enjoy.

For further reflection: Genesis 2, John 1