Reach into warmed dirt, smell its love with your nose
The ageless earthy fragrance only God could compose
Into the depths of little springs to ocean’s wide space
we drink in profound flavors, so subtly full of grace

Birds and animals bring joy to our hearts as they play
their symphony of golden instruments while we pray
The sky’s milky-way, millions of eyes winking at us
in a cosmos filled with wonder so far beyond endless

Trees, flowers and mushrooms fill the air with sweets
stirring up the senses so we might absorb their treats
A diversity of companionship from friends to lovers
Pleasure satisfies whatever human hunger discovers  

And if this was not enough, Christ was given entirely
Food for our soul, from bread and wine substantially
A treasure so vast, God gives more than forgiveness
He deserves thanks for the nourishment, a return kiss


I should not admit this, but often when I step outside, emotions well up inside by what God put together for us. In the back of my mind I assume that everyone has this sense of wonder and respect for this nourishment. We are nourished in many other ways, but the summit is receiving Eucharist at the banquet table with each other. It gives me great hope that with Christ’s help we can restore and protect the beauty of and in creation.

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