Feeling safe, we enter fearlessly
with others who gather religiously
Their hearts warmed by internal fire
Today, I am lost, Your love my desire

Faith tells me the shadows will diminish
Before long, the cold within will extinguish
In this simple pew, I feel reclaimed
like previous times, when Spirit flamed

Christ, will roll away the heavy stone
Bringing calm to my heart, I will not be alone
Dread will depart, as I accept the grace
lifting me above the line in this place

I cannot explain their welcoming arms
With care, they provide safety from harm
Gloominess, is chased away by their light
Within this sanctuary, all becomes bright


There are times when God does not seem available to help me smooth over the bumps of life. This is when I feel the church building with others inside is a sanctuary from my problems. The beauty that is there, begins when I enter, dipping my finger into the bowl of blessed water then signing the cross. I imagine I am stepping into the Jordan River, joining everyone present.  I know whatever condition I may be in, I am not going to be judged. Faith tells me when my part of the body is hurting, the pain will be washed away.  I always pray before I leave the building that a little of this shared residue remains.


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