Tears Towards the Horizon

That tears came and went in gentle breeze
meant I must hide away the complexities
Although I was forgiven, with little to mend
an inner conscience whispered, do not pretend

My manhood broken from invisible grief
I had no choice but cross over to belief
With nothing left to prove, pride far behind
grace was accepted, I did not enter blind

Freedom’s gift, a share in God’s mercy
Glimpses too, of my own inadequacy
I became a witness to my own shame
because I had not understood others’ pain

Within these visits to each new horizon
I reach out to the goodness in everyone
There are no boundaries for encouragement
as Christ simply asks we help others’ torment

When I look backwards in time I knew none of this
Faith had patiently waited until one kiss
I had risen each day in quiet hopefulness
to find God truly loved me in this process

In an ocean of tears came a relationship
Tears that needed human companionship
I embraced them as they embraced back
Another clue that I am on the right track

Love’s horizon, no longer so far away
I move towards it, it moves with agape
I have no choice now, I must love everyone
A prerequisite to become more genuine


I have always been fascinated by horizons. My internal horizon is changing as I begin to understand how significant my own inadequacies and limitations are. I have learned to have some sense for other people’s conditions.  With great difficulty, I allow myself to be immersed in what they might be feeling.  In the reality of our ever present God, I now believe this is another way to participate in divinity.  When I share in others’ lives, I can help bring the love of God to them in human ways so they too may begin to see the horizon outside of themselves.

For further reflection: Romans 12